Skip Tracing

Process Xpress is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and we offer process service and skip tracing in all 50 states. Most often, when you send work to us, you already know where we’ll find the target, and in those cases, we’ll serve your documents promptly and you will receive your affidavit/return of service via our automated system when our office staff has scanned the documents. Once in a while, we may need to locate the target before we can serve them. Sometimes, they’ve simply moved or married and changed names since you last contacted them. Other times, they’re actively avoiding being found and served. Nevertheless, our professional team is experienced in skip tracing, and while no reputable firm will guarantee results, we’ve built a reputation of success since 1999.

  • Electronic Skip Tracing – Often, electronic searches of the right online sources will yield enough clues to find the target quickly through things like employment or disability records, travel records, or loan and credit card information. 
  • Social Engineering – Sometimes, electronic searching doesn’t provide enough information to complete the search, but it will reveal people we can contact to learn more about the target’s job, home, their favorite bar, or where they bowl on Wednesday nights.
  • Boots-On-The-Ground – In the end, nearly all searches lead us to boots-on-the-ground effort. In the best situations, we’ve discovered a valid address and we’re simply walking in to serve the papers. Sometimes, we may need to sit on a location until the target turns up.

Depend on Process Xpress for Thorough, Effective Skip Tracing

When you need to find and serve someone to move your case along, contact us for dependable, affordable skip tracing and process service. You can follow the progress of your job through our secure online client portal, and you’ll be notified when we’ve completed service.