Private Investigation

Process Xpress offers service of process and skip tracing in all 50 states. For cases that require private investigation, our qualified investigators work with attorneys, insurance companies, and others to perform extensive background checks, and, when needed, to investigate for fraud or personal misconduct, and collect evidence that meets legal standards for admissibility in court.

Insurance & Workers’ Compensation Fraud

In cases where there is reason to suspect a person of attempting to make a fraudulent insurance of Workers’ Compensation claim, private investigations are a common source of evidence that the claims are, in fact, fraudulent. Laws governing the ethics and actions of private investigators vary by state, which is why Process Xpress uses local investigators whenever possible, so our clients benefit from their thorough working knowledge. 

Fault Divorce 

Some states allow fault divorces, in which one spouse can gain a greater share of the marital assets in settlement by proving legal grounds for finding fault with their spouse. Some of the more common faults are cruelty, like emotional or physical abuse, adultery, or desertion. Proving these faults requires evidence, which private investigators are frequently hired to provide. 

Child Custody 

Child custody can also be affected by proof that one spouse is exhibiting certain types of personal misconduct like alcoholism, illicit drug use or other criminal behavior, abuse, or neglect. Investigating and gathering admissible evidence in these cases can be a delicate matter, and our private investigators have the experience and training to work under such challenging circumstances.

Trustworthy Private Investigation from Process Xpress 

Process Xpress has been working with insurance companies and law firms in the Orlando, Florida area and nationwide since 1999. Our reputation is built on providing our clients strict confidentiality, effect searches and investigations, and meticulous adherence to ethical and legal codes. Contact us to schedule an investigation or service of process, and you’ll be able to watch our progress and receive almost instant notification of completion through our secure online client portal.