Foreclosure Notice & Evictions

For mortgage lenders, the process of foreclosure and eviction for non-paying borrowers can be long and costly. In most cases, the foreclosure process is dictated by state laws, which is closely followed by federal law, but the eviction process may be affected by county or municipal laws. Getting the most expedient results possible depends on the lender’s ability to serve and document all required summons, notifications, and responses. Process Xpress offers fast, affordable process service and, if needed, skip trace services in all 50 states.

Foreclosure Notices (Lis Pendens)

Process Xpress is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, where the foreclosure process can take two years or more. Those delays and extended proceedings cost mortgage lenders significantly, which is why lenders depend on our professional process servers to keep the documentation moving on time with fully compliant service and documentation. Even in challenging cases where the borrower has leased the property and disappeared, our nationwide private investigation, skip trace, and process services can help lenders get lis pendens properly served on the borrower, so the foreclosure process can move forward.

Eviction Notices

Whether the borrower is occupying the property or they’ve leased it to another party who may be unaware that there is a problem, there will likely come a point where the mortgage lender will need to evict the occupants. Since eviction proceedings for residential tenants are almost always an exacting process of time-sensitive process service and response, managing that process is time-consuming and mistakes or missed deadlines can significantly add to the overall cost.

Online Client Portal Tracking, and Documentation

Process Xpress offers a secure online client portal which allows you to upload documentation and request process service, track the progress of each job, and download compliant documentation when the service is completed. Contact us to schedule process service, and to learn more about how Process Xpress can help you accomplish your foreclosures and evictions as quickly as possible.

Foreclosure Sales Attendance

We can represent the plaintiff and bid on their behalf and we can also attend as a 3rd Party Bidder on behalf of investors unable to attend in person. We attend Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Brevard counties weekly. Call for other counties.