Family Law Process Service

Family law attorneys deal in legal processes that require a hefty amount of paperwork, time-sensitive service of their documents, and compliant documentation for each process service. Process Xpress partners with family law firms in Orlando, Florida, in all 50 states, to keep the flow of paperwork running on time and on budget. Our process servers handle sensitive matters like serving papers for divorce, child custody, and child support with professionalism and diligence.

Divorce Papers

Process service requirements for divorce papers vary by state, but it’s common for the first step to involve service of a summons and petition for dissolution of marriage. In certain cases, completing process service may involve locating the party to be served or staking out a location in order to serve them. Process Xpress uses local servers whenever possible, so your firm gets the benefit of their local knowledge and contacts, which helps reduce costs and service time. We offer an online client portal where you can monitor progress and download compliant documentation when the service is completed.

Child Custody Papers

In child custody arrangements between parents, involving grandparents, or in certain adoption cases, there are numerous situations that require process service. These also tend to be situations where emotions are running high, and our trained and experienced servers employ tact and discretion to successfully complete the process service. We also offer private investigation for cases where a birth parent or other party must be located for service.

Child Support

Serving child support papers can be another challenging area that calls for tact and perseverance. In addition to our process service and private investigations, we offer nationwide skip trace services, to ensure that every effort is made to get your process service completed and documented.

Fault Divorce 

Some states allow fault divorces, in which one spouse can gain a greater share of the marital assets in settlement by proving legal grounds for finding fault with their spouse. Some of the more common faults are cruelty, like emotional or physical abuse, adultery, or desertion. Proving these faults requires evidence, which private investigators are frequently hired to provide. 

Family Law Attorneys Depend on Process Xpress

Since 1999, Process Xpress has provided family law firms with fast and affordable results, even in challenging situations. Contact us to schedule service or to learn more about how our reliable servers can make your caseload easier to manage.