Eviction Summons

If you’re a property owner or property manager and you need to get a non-paying tenant or lease violator to vacate your property, Process Xpress can help. Evictions can get costly quickly if things aren’t done and documented properly. Process Xpress will help you comply with state and local tenant law by serving and documenting service of your eviction notices and summons in full compliance, so you can regain the profitable use of your property as quickly as possible.

Residential Tenant Evictions

Residential tenant law in most states lays out an exacting process for the eviction of tenants. In some states, the state law is the final word, and in others, there may be additional regulations from counties or municipalities. Most often, tenant evictions are based on non-payment violations of the lease, but in other cases, a more complicated situation, such as criminal activity conducted on the property, may be the cause. As a residential landlord or property manager, it’s critical that you follow and document every step of the process, or you may find yourself in the middle of an expensive legal battle that can drag on for months. Process Xpress serves and retrieves documents in all 50 states, if the situation requires it, we also offer skip-trace services.

Commercial Tenant Evictions

In most states, commercial tenant law leaves greater latitude, both for negotiating lease terms, and for the eviction process. At the core, though, there is still a documentation process that is required, whether by state, county, or municipal code. Process Xpress offers affordable and expedient service of eviction summons, and online access for you to follow the progress of your work and get notification and documentation when your process service is completed.

Fast, Affordable Process Service

Process Xpress has been successfully completing process service for landlords, property managers, debt collectors, and attorneys since our headquarters in Orlando, Florida opened in 1999. Contact us to learn more about how fast and affordable it can be to get the process service and documentation you need, nationwide.