Criminal Law & Civil Litigation Subpoena

Criminal law attorneys and civil litigation attorneys depend on reliable process service for the high volume of subpoenas they produce for their caseload. In Orlando, Florida, and nationwide, the professional process servers at Process Xpress help those attorneys keep their work moving forward on time and on budget.

Witness Subpoena Service

For both criminal law and civil litigation, critical witness testimony can make or break a case. Serving the witness subpoena, or subpoena ad testificandum, correctly and with proper documentation helps you build your case and your credibility with the court. Process Xpress uses local process servers in all 50 states to offer the fastest service possible, and a secure online portal that allows you to track your service orders and receive immediate notification when the service is completed.

Subpoena for Production of Documents or Evidence

When your case depends on securing documentation or a physical object needed as evidence, a subpoena duces tecum requires the person being served the subpoena to deliver the specified items to your offices, or to the court. Holding the party accountable for producing the documents or items requires documented service of the subpoena requesting it. When you contract Process Xpress to serve your subpoenas, you’ll get prompt completion and documentation of the service. This is critical if you later need to demonstrate to the court that you made proper service of your requests.

Nationwide Attorneys Count on Process Xpress

Process Xpress is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, though we provide professional process service in all 50 states. Criminal law attorney and civil litigation attorneys count on our reliable service and convenient online job tracking to keep their caseload running smoothly. Contact us for fast, affordable process service nationwide.